Questions about Ear Surgery

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What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a surgical procedure that adjusts the position, shape or size of the ear or ears.

Who is a good candidate for ear surgery?

You could be a good candidate for ear surgery if:

  • You are uncomfortable with how far your ears stick out from your head.
  • One or both of your ears are misshapen due to an accident or birth defect.
  • You are considering the procedure for your child, and your child’s ears have fully developed, typically around the age of seven.

How is ear surgery performed?

When considering undergoing cosmetic ear surgery, it is imperative to ensure that your plastic surgeon is board-certified. Dr. Denis Gonyon is a board-certified plastic surgeon who served his residency at Duke Medical Center. Ear surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local or regional anesthesia for adults. In children younger than age 8, general anesthesia is typically administered to help them stay still and safe throughout the procedure. Ears that protrude may be rotated backward. In some circumstances, tissue can be taken from other parts of the ear or body to replace any tissue missing from the natural contours of the ear. Injured and thickened ears can be thinned and sculpted. A pressure dressing is placed over the ear(s) following the surgery to minimize any movement while it heals.

Does ear surgery leave visible scars?

Dr. Gonyon is careful to prevent visible scars by keeping all incisions behind the ear.

What should I expect after ear surgery?

Typically, very little pain or bruising occurs after the surgery. Swelling usually subsides about a week and a half following the surgery, although the area may be sensitive for up to three weeks. After five to seven days, the pressure dressing is removed. Typically, your ears will feel numb, but slowly regain feeling, for two or three months following the procedure. This extended numbness is a key reason why this operation is exceptionally well-tolerated by children. It is important to refrain from peeking at the ear until the pressure dressing has been removed, because doing so increases the risk of infection and could alter the final results. Once the dressings have been removed, you will see an immediate difference in the ear, although some swelling may remain.

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