Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer is an ideal procedure for many hoping to restore a youthful appearance to the face, breast or body. Essentially, fat transfer is a surgical procedure where fat is removed from one area of the body, and then carefully transferred to an area lacking the fullness and volume you desire. Now starting to be commonly used in place of artificial fillers, fat transfer uses your own fat, which has the possibility of giving permanent results.

Fat grafting is a great procedure for many people, but is not right for everyone. This page gives some background on the procedure, but cannot answer all of your fat transfer questions or give personalized recommendations about fat transfer. To learn whether the procedure is right for you, please call (970) 624-7979 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Northern Colorado.

The Impact of Facial Aging

Facial aging is made up of three main components:

  • Changes in the skin result in laxity and sagging features
  • Changes in the skin allow wrinkle formation
  • Loss of fat in the face resulting in a more gaunt appearance

Plastic surgery has procedures to combat all three aspects of facial aging, such as a facelift to elevate sagging features, and skin procedures to remove wrinkles and encourage collagen formation.

There are many options for restoring volume in the face, but for many patients fat transfer is a suitable option, and can be easily combined with other facial surgeries.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer takes fat from areas where you have it but don't want it, and puts it in places where you want it, but don't have it. This can be used for facial restoration and breast enhancement as well as butt augmentation.

The basic principle of fat transfer is the same as for injectable fillers: to restore lost volume in the face, giving you a more youthful contour. But fat transfer has a number of benefits. First, it only uses your natural tissue. And because liposuction is being used to obtain the fat for transfer, you can get body contouring and facial rejuvenation at the same time. Finally, fat transfer has the possibility of giving permanent results because the fat is living tissue and maintains itself in place. Injectable fillers give results from six months to two years, but only fat transfer has the possibility of permanent results.

Our Dedication to You

Every patient is unique, and at Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure that our patients all receive the unique treatment they deserve. We will listen to your cosmetic goals and explain your options in detail. We will then answer all your questions so you fully understand and feel comfortable with your procedure.

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