Regain Confidence In Your Body With A Tummy Tuck

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After pregnancy or massive weight loss, many women are left with loose abdominal muscles and hanging skin that may negatively affect their self-perception. While we strongly encourage a healthy lifestyle with proper amounts of exercise and a good diet, the sad fact is that even with these positive changes, you may not be able to achieve the appearance you want.

This is where a tummy tuck can help. Dr. Denis Gonyon can remove stubborn excess fat, tighten loose abdominal muscles, and excise hanging skin for a taut, smooth stomach that you'll Regain your pre-baby body with a tummy tuckbe proud to show off.

Why Diet and Exercise May Not Get You A Flat Stomach

We're told all the time that in order to get the body we want, all we have to do is work hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, while a healthy lifestyle is important to look and feel your best, there are a number of reasons why you may need a tummy tuck to get results. These can include:

  • Pregnancy that resulted in loose abdominal muscles: Unfortunately, once your abdominal muscles have separated and loosened, exercise and diet alone won't tighten them up. A tummy tuck actually stitches these muscles back together to restore your pre-baby body.
  • Excess skin from weight loss or pregnancies: Nothing you can do on your own will help to eliminate large amounts of loose, hanging skin. If you want to get rid of it, it needs to be excised surgically.
  • Genetically determined excess fat pockets: As we age, fat tends to settle in areas that have been pre-determined by your genetics. While it may be possible to lose these fat pockets with a rigorous diet and exercise plan, many women simply don't have the time in the day to commit to such a plan. Celebrities perpetrate unrealistic expectations, as they have personal trainers, nannies, nutritionists, and plenty of time. For the average woman, a tummy tuck or liposuction will be the only way to lose their stubborn fat.

Once you have a tummy tuck, the results can last forever as long as you maintain a reasonably healthy diet with regular exercise. Many women actually find it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle after a tummy tuck because they no longer feel discouraged at never seeing results.

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